Recover Anywhere, Anytime with Neothink & StorageCraft

Neothink’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Service, powered by StorageCraft, provides comprehensive protection for your business. Hourly snapshots of your data are saved to a local device (usually just an inexpensive USB external hard drive). Each night your data is then uploaded to our “private cloud”, (providing you with secure, automatic, off-site storage.)


Key features include:

Backup – Provides fast and reliable disk-based and online backup via incremental point-in-time images of your entire system.

File & Folder Recovery – Restore specific files and folders from your point-in-time backup for granular recovery of your data.

Disaster Recovery – Full bare metal recovery through a bootable recovery CD. Recover using dissimilar hardware.

Virtual Boot – Boot any point-in-time backup as a fully operational virtual machine.

Recovery Server – Free use of a Neothink “recovery server” while your server is repaired or replaced.

Security – Data is encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption before it ever leaves your facility.

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